I2D Episode 5: What it Takes to Publish a Magazine

Jackie Zukerman wrote the following guest post to accompany her Ideas to Done™ Conversation with Sarah on December 1, 2017. View the recorded conversation here.


To publish a magazine takes TIME, DEDICATION and PASSION.

From start to finish it takes at least two to three months once you have a general routine going. I also am officially starting a editorial calendar so that should hopefully give everyone an idea of what topics will be covered when, the order of coverage and placing all the articles/content in the magazine.

I ALWAYS recommend doing your research, checking out your competition and companies that you aspire to be like. Look into trademarking and incorporating your business. Once you have a base,  you need backing to protect yourself in case anything were to happen. D/B/A’s are great to start but as your company grows it can only protect you so much.

Utilize your social media, watch YouTube videos, learn about stock free/royalty free photos that you can use commercially. Post in groups and ask questions for interesting content. Get on mailing lists for public relation firms so you can get press releases.

Also it is important to figure out how to decide what order you want your pages to go in and the actual layout itself takes time to design. I also recommend having multiple eyes reading to edit aside from yourself. There’s always the chance of having one or two errors that you totally might skip over accidentally!

FOR THE RECORD: It is MUCH easier to publish online then to do both online and printing but for me personally I believe that physical magazines still have special meaning – like a paperback book – when they are in print!


If you are ever looking for more insight and advice feel free to reach out 🙂 jackie@Jzsocialenterprises.com. 

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